About Axirisk

Axirisk assesses companies for clients who want to have a proper understanding of the risks they may encounter in business practices with a company. Axirisk has developed the Axirisk Assessment Scan for this purpose.  

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Axirisk was established in 2021.

Procurement departments of large organizations often look beyond finance and quality as part of the supplier selection process. So, this could be invaluable for more organizations and purposes. Then some of the problems you read about in the newspapers could be better anticipated or even prevented.

The instrument has been developed with the assistance of experts in different areas. The relevant company will be asked to provide answers during an audit. The ensuing Risk Report offers clear information about the risks in 14 key areas.

These areas each have risks of a different nature.
Some risks are financial. Other risks concern reputation damage, delays in the production process, or even production halts, which also cost money, for example, the loss in shareholder value or customer loss.

Axirisk would like to enhance the awareness of an organization’s other focus areas that are more in line with current times than the obvious ones. It is in the interest of a client willing to undertake business in a conscious and socially responsible manner but at an acceptable risk.