The Assessment Scan

The Assessment Scan is an examination and is carried out through an audit. The scan contains questions about 14 different key focus areas.


The audit

We schedule an intake with the client and with the relevant company before the actual audit. The intakes reveal which key risk areas there are (if it is not a production company, there is no need to ask questions about production facilities and capacities). It is possible to take a closer look at a particular key area if this is vital for the client. We discuss the collaboration with the relevant company, provide information about the examination, and plan the audit.

The key areas

We begin the audit by asking several general questions about the organization, its general terms and conditions, and any connections with its parent and sister companies or subsidiaries. We will then examine the following 14 key focus areas.

Products and service

We examine whether the relevant company’s product range is interesting and how attractive this may be for the client. Furthermore, we look at how important and appealing the relevant company is for the client.


The questions we ask demonstrate how transparent the company is about its financial situation. The answers give a comprehensive picture of its exact operational position and its development over the past few years.

Production facilities and capacity

We examine the sites, the condition of the production resources, the capacity, and production flexibility.

Product development, technology and design

The answers to the questions provide information about the company’s competencies and knowledge and how it protects both its and your knowledge.


We scan the procurement process and examine the procurement policy to identify what risks the company faces in the area of procurement.

Sales and marketing

The questions focus on gaining insight into how sales and marketing are organized and what risks are involved.

Health and safety

We ask questions about health and safety policies and how the execution of these policies is monitored. Are there any risks?


We investigate what type of employment the company uses, its remuneration, and how it treats its employees.


The research is focused on how the quality of both products and processes is monitored and improved.


Energy, corporate social responsibility, the environment, and waste are important topics these days, and they may pose a risk. We chart the policy and identify the risks.

Stock and Delivery

We inquire about how the company measures its stock and its performance and how the company has performed.

Logistics and transport

The answers given provide information about how logistics are organized and give insight into the risks.


We identify the risks against which the company is insured and against which risks it is not. How your delivery is insured and whether damage liability and consequential damage are insured.

Privacy and personal data

The purpose of the questions is to understand how the company handles personal data, whether there are any risks of a data breach, and whether the company complies with the Personal Protection Data Act.


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