Assessment Scan

The Axirisk Assessment Scan© assesses the risks associated with the company you seek to do business with by identifying 14 key focus areas.


What risks do you take into account when doing business?

Do you make a risk assessment while doing business with a company? Will they deliver on time? Are they financially sound? What is their level of quality? Is their quality constant?

Do you also consider risks such as fire, ecological damage, liability, security incidents, data breaches….?

And, if it concerns a business located abroad, what are the risks there?

What would be the damage to your business if something presents itself unexpectedly? What is the level of risk that you can accept?

Identifying risks

Axirisk Assessment Scan© assesses the risks at the company that you seek to do business with and identifies the risks in 14 key focus areas. 

The Axirisk Risk Report© presents a clear and orderly overview of the various risks of doing business from procurement, outsourcing, lending, acquisition to investments. 


We discuss the purpose of the Assessment scan in a meeting with the client and discuss whether more in-depth information is required in one of the key focus areas.

We will ask the relevant company to cooperate, discuss the required data, and plan the examination.



The assessment is performed through an audit. We interview the persons responsible and visit the (production) location(s).
We perform the scan globally.

Risk Report©

Our report is well-organized; the findings per key focus area are presented at the beginning of the report.

The report also contains a description of the findings per key focus area.

More in-depth information

Additional, in-depth information may be required and is dependent on the purpose for which you want to identify the risks involved, for example, during a specialist process or a takeover. In that case, we may engage specialists for a more thorough investigation, for example, an auditor, a legal expert, or a technical expert.

How will it benefit you?

Risks cost money because you maintain reserves, purchase extra stock, or anticipate that an investment will not repay itself. If you have more information to base your decisions on, you will save money. Whereas you first made your decisions based on limited information, you will now have an insight into all possible operations management areas.
Have you been performing supplier audits for some time? An audit carried out by an independent, external company could perhaps provide you with even more data. In any event, it will save you valuable time.

More information?

Are you about to do business with a company, and are there any risks for your organization? Do you wish to adjust the policy concerning risk reduction?
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